The  photograph I have chosen to write about was taken by Pep Ventosa and is called Santa Cruz Sea Swings‘. It comes from the theme of surrealism and I think the work recreates the movement of the swings. In the picture I can see swings, usually found in a  fair, very colourful with lots of lights. I think the photographer was trying to portray the craziness of fairs and rides by making the image wild and colourful. In the foreground the swing frame where main focus point is found as it’s the boldest and darkest area, the middle-ground is where all the people are sat, they aren't as noticeable as the middle of the swing frame as they have no colour and possibly a lower opacity, the background is just pale blue, helping us focus on the swings as the image is not overwhelming with things to look at. This piece is easy to recreate yourself, using Photoshop. It is made up of lots of layers of the same image. It is an easy to do technique; however the same image can never be re-created which makes everyone unique. Ventosa may have used the rule of thirds as there are no big empty spaces and if the lines were there, there would be something in every section. The attitude of the image is wacky and strange. This photograph makes me feel dizzy and almost hypnotized  it reminds me of  dreams and imaginations because of the colour and the fact the ride is quite childish. I think the  photographer wanted us to feel astonished and amazed by the image as it’s very impressive. The piece of work makes me think of summer, the sky in the background is a nice blue colour and the lighting is good.  I chose to write about this piece of work because I liked it so much, it baffles your eyes and makes you interested and want to look closer.  How Ventosa didn’t make the layers go left and right only up and down works well in this piece is as it creates height. I have been inspired by this piece of work to create my own images like this in the style of Pep Ventosa. (They are below)


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