To create this image inspired by Dali I used the selection tool on the tea drip to select it on its own from the image. I then inserted it into the image of the girl and place it as if it was  coming out of the cup. I held alt whilst dragging the corners of the image to change the angle. I also made the contrast higher as it added a shine making it look more like liquid. To insert the chair, I took a photo of it being slightly lifted, selected it alone, using the stamp tool to remove the hands and inserted it into the main image. Using the composite image technique I added a layer mask to the image, I selected the brush colour as black and rubbed through until the chair was there but behind the the girls arm. To insert the dog I selected it from my Billingham inspired image and placed it in the main image, However the dog was much brighter than the rest of the image so I pressed ctrl whilst clicking on the layer thumbnail to select the dog alone, and added an adjustment changing the brightness down and contrast slightly up. To make the image more in the style of Dali I experimented with giving the image as a whole a black and white filter.

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    May 2013