Born in 1982 Yago Partal has created ‘Zoo portraits’ in his studio. They are portraits of animals with human bodies. My first impression of this particular piece is that it’s extremely unique and humorous which is exactly what I want my work to be. I think the image portrays imagination; the picture is like a part of a surreal world were humans and animals have switched places.

The dog is the main focal point in the foreground, with nothing but a plain white background behind it allowing all the attention to be on the dog. The image has good colour, the dog’s suit doesn’t blend too much into the background and the red hat gives the image a splash of colour. The image may have been cropped to make the space around the dog smaller adding even more focus on to him but also making it more symmetrical and in the centre of the image.

From this piece I have learnt a photograph can be crazy and humorous and still be inspiring, I have been inspired by the image to experiment with bringing the style of Partal to my work. My thoughts about the piece have not changed, they have only become stronger as now I realise what a bold and rare style of work this is.


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    May 2013