The photograph I have chosen to write about is part of a collection made by Susana Gillida called tea time diaries. My first impression of the piece is that it fits in well with my work; it’s a scene of a person in the home.

In the foreground of this image there is the model, wearing bright and unusual makeup and clothes she draws all of the attention to her becoming the main focal point in the centre of the image. There is a circle of light on and around the model also putting focus on her. The background is simple yet adds pattern. The picture frame and coat stand are symmetrical adding influencing lines displaying the width and height this makes the image line up nicely. As there is a lot of pattern and colour in this image if the background was bigger or had anymore objects in it, it would be too chaotic and distracting from the focal point.

Likewise to my thoughts of Richard Billingham I think the photographer wanted us to see a person’s lifestyle and attitude in their home. Although Gillda’s work is staged and Billingham’s is not I still think she portrays the same type of crazy ways people can act.

At first I just thought the image was too hectic but now I see that every part of the image adds an effect. I want to add Susana Gillda’s style to my work, for example the simple picture frame in the background which at first is not as noticeable as the model but does become more of a part of the image. The same scene but without the model in the picture frame makes the image more unusual, and surreal as it’s like there is another dimension. I want there to be a hidden surrealism in my work like in Gillda’s.


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    May 2013