I decided to make my work less chaotic so it is easier to focus on one thing but still in the style of my chosen photographers. The Theron Humphrey style in the picture is the dog doing an unusual thing/human activity, the Billingham style is the dog doing what it wants, the Dali style is the splash of juice and the black and white filter and finally the Minkkinen style is the floating hand. To make this image I used the stamp tool to edit out the distractions on the right hand side, and i also stamped over the left hand candle to make the image more symmetrical.


This piece was inspired by Arno Minkkinen, Dali and Richard Billingham. I think the dog and hand in the image are too collaged on top of the background; I’d like to make my final image look more realistic but still very surreal. In the image, there are also many distractions; the pillows on the couch and the books on the left hand side, I’d like to make my final image distractions free so no focus is taken from the main focal point.

This image is inspired by Minkkinen and Dali and is set in another scene. I like the idea of this image and the hand looks less collaged than my other designs but I don’t like the composition: this image has a strange angle giving many distractions. Also the image isn’t as focused as id like my final design to be.

This image is also inspired by Dali, Billingham and Minkkinen however in a different scene. I think the pillow in this image looks good and as if it is really floating but the hand in the cup is to flat and looks to obviously put on. The dog in the image has good detail at the top of his body but gradually loses focus and becomes too dark. I want my final piece to be very sharp with no blurry areas.

To create this surreal image in the style of Arno Minkkinen, firstly I took the photos of the hands in different positions. I then took photos from the same angle but of the sink. On Photoshop I used the lasso tool to select 1 hand from its image and placed it over the plug hole on the sink image, I lowered the opacity so the plug was visible through the arm and used the eraser to take away the parts of the arm which weren’t in the plug. For the second hand I did the same, however as I only took photos of the right hand I went to image>rotate>flip horizontal to flip the hand around, making it took like a left hand. This image links with my theme as it is surrealism within the kitchen, in the home. 

After experimenting with lots of surrealism I now want to add a new element of it into my work. I also want it to be anew style of surrealism, less chaotic but still linking in well with my theme of the home.
This developed Dali style image was created exactly the same as my first edit. Each part of the image was inserted individually. However I gave this image more of a splash. To capture the splashes of water I had my camera settings at F-stop - F/3.5 ISO-100, exposure time - 1/500 and the focal length at 14mm.
To create this image inspired by Dali I used the selection tool on the tea drip to select it on its own from the image. I then inserted it into the image of the girl and place it as if it was  coming out of the cup. I held alt whilst dragging the corners of the image to change the angle. I also made the contrast higher as it added a shine making it look more like liquid. To insert the chair, I took a photo of it being slightly lifted, selected it alone, using the stamp tool to remove the hands and inserted it into the main image. Using the composite image technique I added a layer mask to the image, I selected the brush colour as black and rubbed through until the chair was there but behind the the girls arm. To insert the dog I selected it from my Billingham inspired image and placed it in the main image, However the dog was much brighter than the rest of the image so I pressed ctrl whilst clicking on the layer thumbnail to select the dog alone, and added an adjustment changing the brightness down and contrast slightly up. To make the image more in the style of Dali I experimented with giving the image as a whole a black and white filter.
In 1941, American photographer Philippe Halsman met the surrealist artist Salvador Dali in New York City to create this piece in the late 1940s. In 1948 Dali explored the idea of suspension, showing three cats flying, water thrown from a bucket, an easel, a footstool and Salvador Dali all seemingly suspended in mid-air. The title of the photograph is a reference to Dalí’s work ‘Leda Atomica’ which can be seen on the right side of the photograph behind the two cats. Halsman reported that it took 28 attempts to be satisfied with the result. The subject matter and movement of the piece is surrealism.

My first impression of the piece is that it’s extremely unusual and unique. There is no other image like this; it is one of a kind. I think the piece portrays dreams and unusual minds; Dali was an unusual man with a crazy imagination which was also shown in his surrealism art work as well as this photo.

The image has lots of layers, the background is grey and the image is in black and white, but as the objects in the image are black, they are made bolder and stand out. Dali along with his painting and easel are in the middle ground slightly covered by the chair, cats and splash off water in the foreground. There is no main focal point in the image as it makes the piece more unusual and crazy if there’s objects scattered everywhere.

The image does have a few bad points about it, the strings holding the objects in the air are noticeable and do take some of the surreal madness effects away. As does the man holding the chair on the left side of the image however these minor faults in the 1940’s could not have been helped.

There are some shadows in the image created from the unnatural light source above Dali; the shadows are not distracting or influential. The rule of thirds may have been used as the image is proportionally set out so there is something to focus on in every area of the image.

The image is very inspirational and I would like to re-create it in my own style however experimenting with Photoshop rather than suspending objects I will take individual images and insert them.

Using this image inspired by Richard Billingham, i want to create a more surreal and unique image. Dali a surrealist artist has created photographs (with other photographers) which contain everyday objects found in the home including animals. His work has inspired me to create my own crazy image in his style, possibly using Photoshop. I hope the image will contain both my own and the style of the photographers.


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    May 2013