The photograph I have chosen to write about is called 'Maddie on things' like wise to the rest of Theron Humphrey's photo collection. My first impression of the piece is that it is simple, but I think the image could portray friendship as Humphrey believes a dog is a mans best friend. Theron Humphrey is not only a photographer but an animal rescuer who travels all around america.

In the foreground there are two long dog feet which due to the beige speckled floor background are not instantly visible, in the middle ground are Humphrey's feet , in bold brown heavy looking shoes they become very noticeable. The image has great focus, every wrinkle and seam in Humphrey's shoes is shown, this creates great detail without having too many distractions. The light is coming from one direction, onto the front of the shoes and no where else, this created no shadows and so adds to the images clarity.  There are no influential lines in the image creating depth or width only small lines found on the shoes. As all of the colours in the images are very natural, the image is not over whelming but is still unique and influential. The rule of thirds has not been used in the image, the feet are at the bottom of the image with empty space either side and above them creating a border drawing attention to the main focal point.

i think the photographer wanted us to feel the trust between himself and his pet, he is very closely standing over the dog which is much smaller then him, but the dog shows no fear and does not move. this could also portray the closeness between the two. Humphrey only takes pictures of his dog however in various unusual places or doing unusual things, for example on a skate board or dressing like a human I think he treats his dog like a person and so shows this in his work.

 my thoughts about the image have changed, i now think this photo is very personal to Theron Humphrey but others can relate to it. I don't think this image has been edited a lot but if i was Humphrey I may has experimented with making the contrast higher. from this piece i have learnt to show some emotions thought my images, and to make them have a meaning weather hidden to others or not. I have been inspired by this piece to create my own photo with the same emotion and theme. This image relates to my work because Humphrey and his dog Maddie live and travel together, Humphrey treats her like part of his family and this is an area I want to explore.


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    May 2013