This piece was inspired by Arno Minkkinen, Dali and Richard Billingham. I think the dog and hand in the image are too collaged on top of the background; I’d like to make my final image look more realistic but still very surreal. In the image, there are also many distractions; the pillows on the couch and the books on the left hand side, I’d like to make my final image distractions free so no focus is taken from the main focal point.

This image is inspired by Minkkinen and Dali and is set in another scene. I like the idea of this image and the hand looks less collaged than my other designs but I don’t like the composition: this image has a strange angle giving many distractions. Also the image isn’t as focused as id like my final design to be.

This image is also inspired by Dali, Billingham and Minkkinen however in a different scene. I think the pillow in this image looks good and as if it is really floating but the hand in the cup is to flat and looks to obviously put on. The dog in the image has good detail at the top of his body but gradually loses focus and becomes too dark. I want my final piece to be very sharp with no blurry areas.


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    May 2013