I chose the theme ‘the home’ because I knew there would be many inspiring photographers and areas to explore. The first photographers who inspired me was Theron Humphrey, as an animal lover his work really suited me and the style of work l wanted to create. Richard Billinghams work had a different style to it but he still used animals so his work linked in well. Humpreys work represented a good relationship between him and his dog whereas Billinghams showed how unusual his life style with his animals is. Dali was the next photographer to inspire me but in a different way, still using animals but in scenes of surrealism way unique to me and so I wanted to experiment with his style of work.

When I came across Mikkinen, though his style of work would give me an extra bit of detail, I copied his style of work then brought all of my photographer’s experiments together to create one inspired piece.

Yago Partal was the next photographer whose style of work I knew would make mine better. This is because he has one main focal point with very little taking focus from it and knew this was what I needed. Susanna Gellidas’s work was used for the same reason as Mikkinen, to add some more detail to create a scene.

So over all I believe I have made some very inspired pieces, most linking in many of my photographers. I am happy with my final piece “A dog’s dinner”, I think it is very unusual. I am glad I chose the theme of the home, because I have learnt new skills on Photoshop, but also how to think and create something unexpected. I personally think my work is unique and when you think of ‘home’ most people don’t think of animals.

If I was to do it again I wouldn’t change the direction of my work, only the development: Starting with an obvious main focal point, not finishing on having one so its ends even better.


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    May 2013