I chose the theme ‘the home’ because I knew there would be many inspiring photographers and areas to explore. The first photographers who inspired me was Theron Humphrey, as an animal lover his work really suited me and the style of work l wanted to create. Richard Billinghams work had a different style to it but he still used animals so his work linked in well. Humpreys work represented a good relationship between him and his dog whereas Billinghams showed how unusual his life style with his animals is. Dali was the next photographer to inspire me but in a different way, still using animals but in scenes of surrealism way unique to me and so I wanted to experiment with his style of work.

When I came across Mikkinen, though his style of work would give me an extra bit of detail, I copied his style of work then brought all of my photographer’s experiments together to create one inspired piece.

Yago Partal was the next photographer whose style of work I knew would make mine better. This is because he has one main focal point with very little taking focus from it and knew this was what I needed. Susanna Gellidas’s work was used for the same reason as Mikkinen, to add some more detail to create a scene.

So over all I believe I have made some very inspired pieces, most linking in many of my photographers. I am happy with my final piece “A dog’s dinner”, I think it is very unusual. I am glad I chose the theme of the home, because I have learnt new skills on Photoshop, but also how to think and create something unexpected. I personally think my work is unique and when you think of ‘home’ most people don’t think of animals.

If I was to do it again I wouldn’t change the direction of my work, only the development: Starting with an obvious main focal point, not finishing on having one so its ends even better.

I have re-created some of my previous scenes and given them a Yago Partal style. This is so there is more of a focal point but also adding a blue background made them less textured. To make them I selected the dog head from its image and places it in the scene, I then used the pen pressure eraser 91 to create the hair effect.
These images I have created represent rituals done every day in the home. These in particular ones are scenes at dinner. Each image is inspired by several photographers, I am going to make a triptych with them. I also want to try and experiment with turning the background blue like Yago Partal.

I took these photos because on my previous Photoshop work the lighting does not look natural and so it made my image look too collaged and fake. These images have natural light and shadows and so they should look better behind the dogs. The picture frame also looks better.

The photograph I have chosen to write about is part of a collection made by Susana Gillida called tea time diaries. My first impression of the piece is that it fits in well with my work; it’s a scene of a person in the home.

In the foreground of this image there is the model, wearing bright and unusual makeup and clothes she draws all of the attention to her becoming the main focal point in the centre of the image. There is a circle of light on and around the model also putting focus on her. The background is simple yet adds pattern. The picture frame and coat stand are symmetrical adding influencing lines displaying the width and height this makes the image line up nicely. As there is a lot of pattern and colour in this image if the background was bigger or had anymore objects in it, it would be too chaotic and distracting from the focal point.

Likewise to my thoughts of Richard Billingham I think the photographer wanted us to see a person’s lifestyle and attitude in their home. Although Gillda’s work is staged and Billingham’s is not I still think she portrays the same type of crazy ways people can act.

At first I just thought the image was too hectic but now I see that every part of the image adds an effect. I want to add Susana Gillda’s style to my work, for example the simple picture frame in the background which at first is not as noticeable as the model but does become more of a part of the image. The same scene but without the model in the picture frame makes the image more unusual, and surreal as it’s like there is another dimension. I want there to be a hidden surrealism in my work like in Gillda’s.

To make my images I took the photos of my dog and the model wearing a suit separately I then used Photoshop to cut out the dog head and transfer it to the image of the model. After resizing the dog’s head and placing it in the right place I used an eraser tool selected from the pen pressure section on the eraser drop down menu and chose number 91. Using this tool I went around the collar of the suit creating the illusion that there is hair sticking over the collar. I think this makes the dog look more as if he is wearing the suit. Finally I adjusted the brightness and contrast in both the head alone and the head and background together to make them more alike. I think my images have a good, clear focal point but the backgrounds are too dull .I want to develop them further adding more colour and influence.

Born in 1982 Yago Partal has created ‘Zoo portraits’ in his studio. They are portraits of animals with human bodies. My first impression of this particular piece is that it’s extremely unique and humorous which is exactly what I want my work to be. I think the image portrays imagination; the picture is like a part of a surreal world were humans and animals have switched places.

The dog is the main focal point in the foreground, with nothing but a plain white background behind it allowing all the attention to be on the dog. The image has good colour, the dog’s suit doesn’t blend too much into the background and the red hat gives the image a splash of colour. The image may have been cropped to make the space around the dog smaller adding even more focus on to him but also making it more symmetrical and in the centre of the image.

From this piece I have learnt a photograph can be crazy and humorous and still be inspiring, I have been inspired by the image to experiment with bringing the style of Partal to my work. My thoughts about the piece have not changed, they have only become stronger as now I realise what a bold and rare style of work this is.

I have decided i want to make the dog in the image bolder and more obvious. A photographer whos style would help me do this is Yago Partal. His images have 1 focal point with no distractions. I want to make my focal point bolder whilst linking in with my theme of the home.


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    May 2013