I found the original image on Google but could not find the photographer who created it, However I still  found the photograph inspirational as it was edited well and I wanted to try it for myself. The image is very sharp in the focal point (the city image) and blurred in the background, this helps the viewer focus on the main part of the image. If i was to change anything about the original image it would be to higher the brightness and contrast, and lower the lower the amount of shadows. Lowering the amount of shadows would darken the edges almost giving the photograph a border. To create my version of the image i used Photoshop elements 9. First, i used the blur tool to blur all of the image but where the city image would be. I then opened the city image, made it smaller and placed it over the lens of the camera and used the eraser tool to simply go round the image and make it the right size. If i was to change something about my image it would be to use a more detailed and sharper image on the lens.

The inspiration;

My Image ; 


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