To create this melting/paint splat effect I inserted a paint
splat stock image, then changed the saturation then hue to the splats starting
point colour. I then went to filter>Distort>Liguify and used the point
finger tool like a brush to drag down areas to create a melting effect.

Critical study

This image was taken by an unknown photographer and was found on Google images. It comes from the movement of surrealism because it’s almost supernatural the way the necklace looks like its pulling the man back. My first impression of this piece is that it’s very unique; I have never seen an image like this one before. The image may be about power, as the unknown force supposedly pulling the necklaces back must contain some power and strength.
This image would have been made by getting the model to lie on a flat high surface with their shoulders and upwards off the surface, then putting the necklaces in the wanted areas so then hang and capturing it. This makes the photo fairly easy to create however it is still an exceptional picture. I think it is the strain in the models neck from having to hold himself up which create the illusion that the necklaces are pulling him backwards when we first see the image.
In the Foreground the man is the main focal point, standing out from the pale grey background because there are no distractions at all from him. There are no shadows created on the image, only from the necklaces onto the man’s face but these do not play a role in the image. The man’s face is lit up well and this makes him clear to see, if he was not lit up the whole image would have been dull, grey and not very prominent.
When the image was still RAW the rule of thirds may have been used however I believe the images size has been cropped to only contain the man with some small space around him.
I think this piece is imaginative and as the image is so cropped down I think the photographer knew what he wanted to achieve and didn’t want us distracted from the main feature. The story behind the piece can be decided independently by each viewer but I think it reflects a mysterious supernatural theme which leads to me thinking maybe the photographer has an interest in that area or has even witnessed a super natural experience.
I choose to write about this image because it was unique and my thoughts about it have not changed. I like this work because it is so simple but yet very effective. I think to improve the image If the photographer had made the man’s expression different, maybe more shocked or hurt the image may be better, this is because if he is inexplicably being pulled back by beads he would do more than close his eyes, he would be very shocked or even scared.
From this piece I have learnt that to make a surrealist image, you do not have to use Photoshop or any other programme. Some images can be made and left RAW but make sure they are to a high quality and are unique.


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