To create this image I took an image of my model sat straight with her hair tied up quite flat and tight, with her hands cupped out in front of her.  I then took some shots of her hair down whilst she was lying on a high flat surface to capture her hair hanging. Using Photoshop I then inserted both images into but different windows. On the hair image I used the lasso tool to neatly select the hair. I then removed the background from the body image and inserted the hair, behind the head and rotated so it comes out to the left from the head.  Using the smudging tool I then smudged the hair slightly into the hairline so that it blended in. As I wanted this image to contain lots of movement I used my printworks building paint splatter technique and inserted it into the hands. This is done by applying a layer mask, selecting the brush tool in black and rubbing through. After Experimenting with movement i now want to create even more. To do this i want to create an image like the one below, however with the hair also turning into splats. This will create movement, and also a surrealism piece.



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