I have discovered there are many ways in which i can create the image in the style i want to create. My first technique is to insert the splats just like on my paint splatter technique, i used the quick selection tool to just select the splat, used hue/saturation and contrast changes to make them the same brown as the models hair. i then defrindged the splats to make them neater and clearer. 

Technique 1

Technique 2

My second technique is to save the first technique image twice and opening it again, however holding ctrl and clicking on the layer thumbnail to just select the splat alone, then selecting the stamp tool. to select to where i wanted to copy with the stamp i held alt and clicked the hair, i then brushed over the selected splat so it was filled with hair. As the splat is selected alone the stamp does not copy/paint out of the selection. 

Technique 3

The third way i found to create the image is to use a splatter or/and a dirt brushes but as a rubber, this will erase in the shape of the brush to create a more shattered and broken effect.

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