To get the building into the hands I removed it from its background, placed it on top of the hands and rubbed through using the eraser, this can also be done by using the same technique as the composite images however I find the eraser tool easier. To create the melting effect I went to filter>distort>liquify and dragged down the pointer downwards in different places. I used Photoshop elements 9 and not the full version of Photoshop as it does not have the liquify effect, However the blur tool can create a similar look.

Michael Young ; critical study

This image was created by Michael Young who grew up in Tennessee but now lives with his wife and son in Bangkok, Thailand. He got his first award at the age of 23, the Chrysler Design Award but has also won the Clio and the Cannes Gold Cyber Lion, as well as many other awards. He co-founded the design resource ‘YouWorkForThem’ in 2001, and since 2009 has served as its sole manager and director. Young's innovative work has been exhibited worldwide, and recently his animation graced U2’s 360° Tour. He works daily as an artist, designer, photographer, director, producer and programmer. I like his work because he is quite modern.

This particular image comes from the movement of surrealism and I think it may portray emotion and some beauty. The droopiness of the image makes you feel almost depressed and the way the woman is positioned suggests tiredness. However the orange colours contradict this and remind the viewer of happier, warmer times.

In the background of this image there is just a solid dull grey colour, also suggesting sad emotions as it is dull and gloomy. The bench is in the middle ground and is position well as the woman looks awkward and not only as if she is melting but also falling. If I was Michael young I would not made the bench melt, this would have given the impression it was the woman’s emotions are taking over and she is the only one who is feeling this way. The woman is the main focal point; she is the first thing any viewer would notice. The bold colours in the foreground, layered on the dirty grey in the background help this happen.

There are no obvious main lines used in this image, only small ones constructing the bench and her arms etc. Some flowing lines have been created by the melting effect, this is what create the low-spirited feel and add to the dreariness. Also the lighting, There are no distracting shadows. This makes the image clear and sharper. However there is a shadow like outline around the model almost making her glow and stand out more. Dark but slightly faded light tones have been used.

I think the photographer wanted us to interpret the story behind the piece individually. This is because the image is quite simple, the story is left open. Depending on your imagination, you will feel something different from the piece and have a different understanding. There are no clues from the image as to what original reason for the piece was.

In order to create this image a computer programme would be needed, for example Photoshop. This image has inspired me to create a similar piece in the style of Young but also including other areas of surrealism to make it my own.


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