Two photographers whose work ties in well with mine are Jasper James and Danny Santos. Jasper James is a Beijing based photographer originating from the UK and a graduate of photography from London’s College of Printing. He has worked for many popular and well-known companies like Ferrari, British Airways, Wrigley's, Volvo and Bosch. I think his work ties in with mine because like jasper James I want my pictures to be unique. No other photographer has pictures quite like his. Danny Santos is a weekend photographer who likes to shoot strangers in the streets of Singapore. He's been a photographer since 2008. By trade a graphic designer, he's been working in the creative industry for over 10 years. As ‘the crowd’ is my focus point Santos’ work ties in well as his focus point in also the crowd, however he focuses on one person in a crowd. 
( see photos below ) 


Miss S
09/23/2012 6:19am

Love your blog so far Claire....well done. You can start to take your own images around Llandudno or a city in the style of some of your artists....Gavin H would be a great one to start with!


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