This  photograph was taken by Gavin Hammond. He inspires me very much even though he does not think highly of his talent. He is also a Writer, Producer, Musician, Photographer, Cartoonist, Lo-fi filmmaker and Poem-writer.  He usually takes pictures of reflections in puddles and they are always perfect and very detailed. I particularly like this picture because it looks like a literal  mirror image, it even captures small details for example every branch on the  tree is clear. Also, I really like the angle that Gavin has captured the church tower, it shows greats height. This photo reminds me of winter and this is  because not only is it in black and white, but you can tell the weather is bad  from the puddle of rain, also the tree has lost its leaves. Hammond himself said '"simply embrace the moment, put on your black and white thinking cap, and take a bunch of compelling Puddle Pics.'" The black and white tone in the photo
directs focus on to the main object, the church. This is because the background is dark; almost framing the picture, the puddle is quite light, allowing us to see the contrast in the darker details of the church tower. The dark background and the gloomy looking church gives Hammond's picture a sad look. It’s also very mysterious and almost spooky. Hammond does edit his photos, but not enough to
change the RAW feel of the pave stones and the true cold feel the picture has. He said "You flip the photo in Photoshop, or similar program, and right side up the image. What is left is pure art." I will also be using Photoshop and similar programmes to edit my photos, but I will try to keep them as original as needs be.



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