This is a photograph taken by Trey Radcliff in new york he said ‘the middle of Times Square in New York on a perfect night. The sky was this strange blue color of a cool dusk night and every light in the city was in full burn. Enjoy!’ Trey Radcliff is a father and married man living in Austin, USA who is photographer as a full time job. I found his photo on Flickr where he has many other excellent pictures. I like this photo because of its colour and its angle to, many people have photographs on New York and they all look similar but they aren’t usually from this angle so it makes Radcliff’s photo more unique.  This photo reminds me of winter and Christmas because of the dark blue cloudy sky and colourful lights. Although I like this picture, if I was trey Radcliff I would have zoomed out more to capture the crowds.



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