The photograph I have chosen to write about was taken in 2008 by Batistini Gaston with a Canon EOS 5D. In this image has captured the very tall Eiffel tower very detailed in the foreground, with a very unusual pink and orange coloured sky in the background. However it was taken with a fish eye lens. A fish eye lens is a wide-angle lens that gives an image a round feel and can provide a very surreal picture. Gaston is a married man living in Belgium, who said in an interview ‘I like colours, then I would say Colourful, straight line, sharpen. And LARGE’ which describes this image and his entire image collection exactly. Paris is known for being a romantic city, and this piece of work shows France’s landscape beauty. I think the photographer was trying to capture the stunning French architecture whilst making it romantic with warm autumn colours. The Eiffel tower is the main focal point but there are many small details like the pigeons and very faintly in the background, a tower, which ensure no empty spaces. I chose to write about this piece of work because it’s unusual, unique and inspiring. It inspires me to take photographs as well as this and in the same style using a fish eye lens. This photo is even unique to Gaston himself, as I found this photograph on his Flickr along with many other brilliant images, but not one like this one; mostly with bright eye catching colours, not using a fish eye lens.



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